Friday, 16 August 2013

FreeCAD 2100cc 6 Cylinder opposed-piston engine

I want to know which are the limits and the needs of FreeCAD and to do that, I am building up a 6 cylinder engine from scratch. All comes out from my imagination, so do not expect that it "runs" smoothly ;)



Rear view

One of the two motor blocks:

More-less a connecting rod:

Pistons inside:

Pistons, block and connecting rods:

FreeCAD has shown some capabilities that I did not expect and some lacks that made my work tedious. I am not able to create symmetries in sketches, have not found any way to copy-paste and sketch and attach it to a new face and few other things that I will comment in further posts. 

¿What do you think about the engine?

I want to create something that creates interest in people and makes them give a try to FreeCAD.



  1. Amazing! Excellent work... regards

  2. Really cool engine.

    It's true you can't currently copy or mirror elements in sketches. I've learned to simplify my sketches and use the Part Design transformation tools on 3D features instead (linear pattern, radial pattern, mirrored)

    Copy-pasting sketches is as easy as selecting the sketch and doing Ctrl+C / Ctrl+V or going in the Edit menu. As for attaching the sketch copy to a new face, there is a button for that in the Part Design toolbar, just besides the create snew sketch icon.

  3. Thanks for your comment.

    I have to say that I came from Autodesk Inventor, which has a lot of fool-proof features and a different point of view. I am sure that many of my issues came from trying to use Freecad as Inventor.

    Will try that copy paste, thanks for the explanation.