Friday, 16 August 2013

FreeCAD 2100cc 6 Cylinder opposed-piston engine

I want to know which are the limits and the needs of FreeCAD and to do that, I am building up a 6 cylinder engine from scratch. All comes out from my imagination, so do not expect that it "runs" smoothly ;)



Rear view

One of the two motor blocks:

More-less a connecting rod:

Pistons inside:

Pistons, block and connecting rods:

FreeCAD has shown some capabilities that I did not expect and some lacks that made my work tedious. I am not able to create symmetries in sketches, have not found any way to copy-paste and sketch and attach it to a new face and few other things that I will comment in further posts. 

¿What do you think about the engine?

I want to create something that creates interest in people and makes them give a try to FreeCAD.