Wednesday, 25 September 2013

6 types of bearing coded, so far!

Current bearing collection:

Deep groove single-row ball bearing:

Deep groove double-row ball bearing:

Detail of internals:

Needle bearing (needles only):

Thrust ball bearing

Cylindrical roller bearing:

Sealed bearing:

 All code has been re-written in order to make easier to create bearings reading their dimensions contained from a file. This way, bearings can be added using the BOLTS  in a easy way. At the moment only an old version of the deep groove ball bearing is included, I have to talk with jreinhardt and see what we do. I have tried to include these bearings into bolts myself, but without result.
Some of this bearings have colours while others are just plain grey. This is something I am stuck with until someones helps me finding a command that allows to change the material/color of a shape
And another thing to do is convert the bearing into a single part. This is possibly what I will do next.
Without forgetting to create more bearings :D

Sorry, I will not upload the code of the bearings until they are concluded.

PD.This post will be edited to add new bearings. 


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