Monday, 13 July 2015

What's going on this summer?


I write this brief post to explain, among other things, what is currently happening with the sheet metal workbench:

The workbench at the moment is at 30%: Document structure is almost done, simple unfold is working and there are tools, like this one, to create even more complex and powerful features.

Also, I talked about some crowdfounding campaign or paid development for this workbench: all it is stopped because I've found a powerful sponsor (to be revealed in a future).


Am I working at sheet metal?

No. I'm going to be studying from now until I finish my degree, somewhere around December. But this does not mean a complete shutoff, there are things and important works on the way.

For example, for  the "maker" community, I am developing a new machine that is being born by the end of this year (and is part of my degree project). An open source machine with stepper motors, completely designed with FreeCAD, that works using Arduino and Python and is not a 3D printer.

Also, I've been working in improvements at the "Exploded Assembly Animation workbench" and additions to the macro "WorkFeatures"

In conclusion, things are going to freeze a bit, but no project is going to disappear.

Have a nice summer!!


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