Thursday, 12 June 2014

Bash: Execute script in a terminal at startup

Today I was wondering how could I monitor the temperatures of my computer automatically, using something that runs at startup without doing anything manually.

This is the result:

A terminal with transparent background that shows the temps.


The code to display sensor values and update them two times per second is:

while [ 1 ]; do 
sensors;                                  # Outputs cpu and motherboard temps
aticonfig --odgt;                     # Outputs my AMD GPU temps.
sleep 0.5;                               # Delay for 0.5 seconds

Save it somewhere as .sh and give execution permissions.

To run the code above (or any other you want) in a terminal:

gnome-terminal --profile=cristal --zoom=0.85 --geometry=60x16+1920+0 -x PATH

I've set previously a new profile of gnome-terminal (called "cristal") that has transparent background and "Temperaturas" as window label.
Then, using the --profile option I set that profile for the new terminal.

The option --zoom=0.85 reduces the terminal size at 85%  (genius)

The parameter --geometry is more interesting:

Columns x Lines + Xposition + Yposition

The position is given by your screen resolution. On my screen, the window is in the upper right corner when X = 1920 and Y=0

And finally, PATH is the absolute path to the code you want to execute.

To execute at startup, go to "startup applications", add a new application and where it says "command", paste the line that starts "gnome-terminal --profile......" customized to suit your particulad needs.
Save it and you are done.


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