Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Arduino: Live Instruction Feed To CNC

This is the conclusion of the posts reading instruction from serial and stepper sync:

While the video itself is not very exciting, it shows a machine moving using custom code (of course, I'm excluding the bootloader and stepper firmware, not to mention the complete Linux core running on the pc...).

You can find the code used in the video (Arduino and Python) in this github repository The code is as is (being it a test I have not taken the time to clean it).

The next step is to achieve a continuous movement (currently, it stops completely between instructions) using some kind of instruction buffer.

The machine of the video is not the target machine (see here another video about this mini CNC)

EXTRA (because 200 youtube subscribers :) )

This is the frame of the target machine:

Full aluminium.

More to come in a few weeks its here!