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Project NiCr: CNC Hot Wire Foam Cutter

NiCr is an open source and open hardware project that aims to create an inexpensive, do-it-yourself proof CNC Hot Wire Foam Cutter. It is heavily related to FreeCAD through a custom workbench.

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-Github repository

-Presentation video



Sheet Metal Workbench

Current state: development stopped until the complete release of the NiCr
project. However, ideas and support are welcome.

Update 1                                          A collection of scripts (with video!)

Update 2                                          A real workbench and sheet metal part

Update 3                                          Complexity starts here: Bend along axis

Scripts & Macros

Ball Bearing Script 1                         Basics using FreeCAD primitives

Ball Bearing Script 2                         How to find and fillet edges

More Bearings                                  Needle and axial bearings

Bearings from Scripted Sketches      3D modelling using 2D lines and arcs

Bearing Tool                                    The conclusion of all the above (plus gui)

Work-Points                                    Work with selected objects, tree-view and more

Work-Features Origin                       Create a point at (0,0,0), axis (x,y,z), planes (xy,xz,yz)

Work-Features R1                           What is shown here plus few features more.

Perforated Sheets                           Perforated sheets with hexagonal, circular or square holes.

Vertex2Vertex                                 Got tired of manually placing parts? See this

Sheet-metal part 1                           My attempt to create a sheet-metal workbench

Sheet-metal part 2                       

Sheet-metal addWall Tool               Create sheet metal shapes easily

Plot Spheres                                    Draw 3d quadratic function using FreeCAD + Coin3D

Drill macro                                      Do easy drills and cuts on assemblies

Hinge Joint                                      Create hinge joints between parts


Simple Engine Animation                 Basics to animate elements inside FreeCAD

Spring Animation                             Helix moving in a compression-like effect

Gear Animation                               Tutorial: create an animation in 3 minutes

Tour Camera                                    An animation from a different perspective.

Gearbox Animation                         Animation of a gearbox (3d model and script)

Double Slider Mechanism               A variant of four-bar linkage mechanism

Plasma Tube Cutter

Lathe Jaws Animation



Exploded Assembly Animation        Animate exploded views of your assembly!


FreeCAD + ARDUINO                     A powerful combination

Pseudo-Mill Simulator

Truck Game                                     Includes script and model

 In process  (unhurriedly)

- Sheet Metal ---- 60%     Basic workbench functionality achieved (fighting an epic war against topological naming)

- Hot wire foam cutter ---- 10%

Possible ones:

- Simple structure solver (see cype)

- Ergonomics module


  1. What a terrific blog !!! I have a question: do you know if Freecad can be used to model a case for a computer keyboard ? it's a custom one I made more than a year ago, it's name is the keyboard, currently it is just a naked one over a wood plate, I hope some day to have a good case for it, from this blog I deduce you play a lot with freecad, so any suggestions will be appreciated.

  2. Thanks!
    At the moment, you can do a lot of things with FreeCAD with more-less effort. There is people doing cases for raspberrys and there is a special tool that hollows a shape to a given thickness, so it could be perfectly possible.