Monday, 14 November 2016

Quick News

Hi, a lot of time has past since the last post, so here is a brief summary of what has happened under the hood:

- I have graduated in Mechanical Engineering

- I re-coded from scratch the Exploded Assembly workbench, now it is more useful, easy to use and has some basic assembly tools.

-The NickelChromium project (NiCr) has mutated (temporally) into a CNC mill that uses 3d printed linear guides with cheap ball bearings (accelerated video):

- I have launched my startup "Odyssey Robotics", which produces custom-made machinery and robots. (yes, I use FreeCAD to design them). This is one of my first projects, a vinyl lamination machine:

In conclusion, this and a bunch more of things have me separated from posting and working on previous projects (like sheet metal ), and it seems that is going to stay that way for some time.


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