Thursday, 28 August 2014

What's going on this summer

I'm having september exams, and that's the reason for not publishing anything remarkable this month. But that doesn't mean I've stopped doing FreeCAD stuff.

This is what is currently going on:

A GCode generator for 2D CNC cutter. Is very experimental, but starts to show results. (green fast movement, red = given feed speed)

I've also worked with the SheetMetal project, where I re-coded a big part of it. I hope to finish it somewhere around next year.

Related with 2D CNC, I remodelled my crappy machine and did this:

It does more less what is intended. The weird result can be half attributed to the machine and the other half to the code. I coded a bit more after that video, now it draws better. 

The machine is working with an arduino DUE and three 4899et. It talks with FreeCAD by serial (USB), with a custom code running in the arduino.

I also tried to create a game using FreeCAD, basically a model of a car controlled by joystick. Is almost working, but because of its non-sense nature, is the lower on my preferences list.

Car model